This site tells the stories of the Scott family in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Robert Crawford Scott was born in Berwick on Tweed in 1825, the son of a ship’s carpenter. He went to sea aged seventeen and spent most of the rest of his life afloat, becoming a Captain at the age of 28. He married twice, firstly to Dorothy Piercy Johnson in 1847. She bore five children but died in 1862 when she was thirty five. Her youngest child James Harrison – my great-grandfather – was only a month old when she died.

The oldest Scott child, George Peter, followed his father to sea at the age of fourteen. Second son Robert Crawford did the same, and third son James Harrison was thirteen years old when he was apprenticed to his father’s ship in 1876. There were two girls, who both returned to Berwick when their mother died. Margaret died aged twelve, but her older sister Agnes Mary survived and later married a schoolmaster.

Robert was married for the second time to Elizabeth Julia Warrener in 1876, and died at home in Northumberland on 18th December 1893.


The Scott family